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September 20, 2003


international professors project

Thanks for some intriguing food for thought. To communicate better among expat professors we have been building a Expat Professors WWDatabase . We are intereted in an alternate academic career path, a mobile professor, transnational academic identities.

On our drawing board is planning for a Februaruy launch of beehive activity, a WW Professors Network(WWPN): we work at grass roots to create networks for professors, emeriti professors, near-to-retirement professors, mid-career swithcher academics, Instructors/lecturers, independent scholars, adjunct professors and lecturers, non-tenure track academics, undermployed and unemployed academics

We can be reached at info@internationaprofs.org
kenyaprofs@gmail.com, nigeriaprofs@gmail.com,ppmishra@gmail.com,intlprofs@gmail.com,

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